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Big "Hare" Pigs! 🐗

Although domestic pigs are familiar animals, wild pigs - boars are still quite foreign to us. Today, let's find out and discover about this "resident" residing on the Farm together.

🍀 The boars have large bodies but short parts of bodies. The head acts as a tractor, while the strong neck muscles allow the wild pigs to dig. The eyes are small and deep, and the ears are long and wide. Adult wild pigs have silver cheeks, milky white bellies, and brown or black tawny bodies.

🍀The favorite food of the boars is cassava, leaves, insects, and small animals. Having big, black bodies but being rather shy is a common characteristic of the boars. The boars are always in a defensive position ready to run away when there is a sound or strangers appear. To befriend and make friends with them, we must use gentle words and friendly gestures to touch these shy and difficult pigs.

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🏡 Xã Đông Thạnh, huyện Châu Thành, tỉnh Hậu Giang. (Giáp ranh quận Cái Răng, Cần Thơ)

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